Some Useful Healthy Tips To Lead A Better Life

It is true that a healthy body and mind is essential if anyone wants to lead a successful life. Good health can be achieved by regular health checkups and healthy diet. However, anyone will not follow these practices. In this case, Health tips which work like alternative medicine are the best option. Health tips sometimes sound really weird but they actually work well!

Here is a list of few Health tips that may sound little weird but will help you in improving your health.

1. Don’t brush your teeth immediately after eating

Consuming food that contains acids and sugars in large content will result in the weak enamel of teeth. Enamel is the outer layer of the teeth that protects it from decaying. Brushing the teeth immediately after eating citrus fruits, tomatoes etc may increase the risk of damaging the enamel even more by wiping of the tiny and weak enamel particles.

So, it is suggested that not to brush your teeth immediately after eating. It is better to wait at least an hour post eating to brush your teeth.

2. Build muscle to fit into a smaller size

A fat tissue is bulkier than a muscle tissue. If clearly observed a fat tissue with equal weight as that of a muscle occupies more space under the skin when compared to a muscle.

Hence a muscular person with the equal weight of a chubby person is more likely to fit into a smaller size of clothing.

3. Eat more calories to lose weight

People who follow a regular diet regimen to control their weight will often make mistake while calculating calories. It is a myth that decreasing the intake of calories will reduce body weight. In fact, it actually increases the urge of eating more food, resulting in weight gain.

By adding proteins and fats like cheese and peanut butter in the diet will, of course, increase the calorie count but leaves your tummy full which helps in staying away from food for a long time. Therefore, eat more calories to lose weight!

4. Drink a hot beverage to help you cool off

According to conventional wisdom, it is true that you can cool your body on a hot day by drinking a hot beverage. The hot drink actually increases the rate of precipitation in our body. When we consume a hot drink, which has a higher temperature than our body it increases the amount of sweat, this sweat when absorbed into the air cools down the body.

So next time when you visit hot places definitely try and drink a hot beverage to keep your body cool.

5. Exercise to increase your energy levels

We believe that exercising will leave us worn out and we will never try to exercise after a tiring day. But a good amount of exercise will leave our tired cells with more energy. When we exercise, our cells will be filled with more oxygen which in turn helps us feel energetic.

Exercise increases energy in our body. So a walk is better than a nap.

6. Freeze cardiac patients to save their life

Any person with cardiac arrest can be saved easily if the patient’s core body temperature is reduced to 32-degree C i.e., 89.6-degrees F. This technique is called induced hypothermia or therapeutic hypothermia.

Hypothermia technique helps in stabilizing calcium and glutamate release in the brain which reduces the number of cell death. It also helps in stabilizing the blood-brain barrier which reduces cerebral edema.

So, freeze cardiac patients to save their life.

7. Close the lid when you flush the toilet

Yes, we must close the lid of the toilet when we flush it. Ignoring this may result in Toilet Plume. As result microorganisms will float around in the bathroom and finally ends lands on a toothbrush.

Toilet Plume is the dispersal of microorganisms and infection-causing bacteria as a result of flush. This ends up forming dry particles made up of bacteria to stay for longer periods in the air and also contaminates the nearby surfaces.

We can reduce toilet plume by closing the lid of the toilet before flushing and also using flushes with less energy.


Therefore, a healthy body doesn’t always require a doctor few health tips can help a lot. Following these simple yet effective health tips will make our life easier and healthier than before.


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