Alternative Fitness ideas for Healthy Living

The meaning of healthy living means differently for each and every person. However, by and large, there are two things that most will agree on. You have to learn to eat good organic foods that nourish your body, and you need to have exercised in your day to day life consistently. The following are some of the alternative fitness ideas that really help you to live a healthy life like others.


Research shows that by walking only 20 minutes each day, you can lose more than 1 pound every week and your cardiovascular system will improve significantly. It is a simple exercise that requires no equipment and it can be done on any day of the hour. You can become a fitter person by walking 20 minutes each day or by walking 30 minutes for 4 times a week.


Swimming is an aerobic exercise that affects your cardiovascular system as well as your muscles and ligaments. Just swimming for an hour three times a week can cause you to lose 2 pounds per week and it will strengthen your heart and your lungs. It automatically decreases the blood pressure and flexes your muscles.

Eliminate Stress

This seems like that most negative thing that is mushrooming in almost all these days. The key here is to eliminate this stress, and this can be done by simply relaxing and calming the entire system down. A good idea would be to sit down with eyes closed and take few deep breaths at the helm of affairs to get back headstrong. Exercise Exhaustively:

Exercise is the key to healthy living. An exercise routine puts you in place, prevents diseases and health issues, keeps you fit and active and also full energy and enthusiasm. Never miss out on this aspect of healthy living; it is perhaps the most essential.

Eat Wisely

By now, we all know enough and more about what to eat and how to eat right. The best thing that ought to happen is to put this awareness into practice. By eating wisely, I mean, eat in a way that gives you the energy to perform your work and yet ere main light. Remember, you are what you eat, so eat wisely and live healthily. It is a good idea to plunge into healthy food, do away with all that junk. Discipline yourself.

Discipline is something that gives you a good feeling, but also ensures that your activities are done at the most appropriate time at the right place every single day. The most important thing that will give you this discipline is an order in your daily life. Like for instance, to drink a pint of water in the morning before anything else is a disciplined act and this added quality to life.

Muscle Activities

Muscle activities such as push-ups, pull ups and simple weight lifting with barbells etc. You do not need to use fancy equipment as simple exercises will usually be enough. Toning your muscles will improve your health and it will increase the burn rate of your metabolism, which can help you to lose weight and to maintain it.

Schedule it: Give yourself a set time frame for when you’ll do your exercise. This should be the same time each day that you work out so that it becomes part of your daily routine.

Do it in short spurts

The physical activity can be cumulative. The activity of moderate intensity can be amassed throughout the course of the day, preferably in 10-minute intervals, which lead to the total of 30 minutes.

Alter the approach: You can alternate between moderate and vigorous intensity activity during the course of the week. As an example, you could ride a stationary bike at vigorous intensity three times a week and walk briskly at moderate intensity the other two days of the week.

The family that plays together stays together

Bring along your wife and the kids on your exercise routine. This can add enjoyment to the routine as well as prepare the children for a lifetime of being fit.

Use your imagination

There are a variety of activities you can use to keep from becoming bored with any physical activity. Such as tennis, paddle ball, swimming, and bowling just to name a few.


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