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  • Classical Homeopathy - Various homeopathy resourses, including treatments, links, software, ask Dr. Shah, and training.
  • Dr. Ramakrishnan - An Indian medical doctor recognized worldwide, the Honorary Homeopathic Physician to the President of India travels extensively to speak about homeopathy and treat difficult cases.
  • Hahnemann's Advanced Methods by David Little - This informative site offers pieces by David Little for practitioners and earnest students. Focusing Samuel Hahnemann’s classical homeopathy, as perfected in the 6th Organon, with liquid dosing, LM potencies, case management, and more.
  • High Dilutions - Learning about experiments and their application to life theory in order to gain a fuller understanding of how homoeopathic medecines act encourages better treatment.
  • - Source of articles about homeopathy, descriptions of cured cases, remedies, and materia medica.
  • HomeoInfo - Classical Homeopathy - This comprehensive site is interesting and non-commercial and refers to all areas of classical homeopathy.
  • Homeomiracles - A thorough homeopathy resource maintained by Dr. R. Gnanasambandam, with essays, disease entities, discussions, video conferencing, and searches.
  • Homeopathic Doctor Consultation Online - Find out about Homeopathic medicine remedies, online consultation, and training at the International College of Alternative Medicine. Canada
  • Homeopathic Medical Association - Find out about homoeopathic organizations in the UK, with general information and links.
  • Homeopathic Medicine for Animals and Humans: Best Links - Offers websites and databases for both medical and veterinary professionals.
  • Homeopaths - Offering on-line services to homeopaths and people wanting to use homeopathy.
  • Homeopathy - The Skeptic's Dictionary - Piece from Prof. Robert Todd Carroll about the homeopathy industry.
  • Homeopathy Australia - Resource about homeopathy and similar health matters for Australians, with frequently asked questions, providers, education, and links.
  • Homeopathy for Everyone - - This site is a vast resource, offering articles, discussion groups, a listing of Homeopaths around the world, links, free educational material, regular polls, expert medical help, and workshop guide.
  • Homeopathy Today News - Resource for homeopathic treatments of acute and chronic health problems. The National Center for Homeopathy seeks to inform the general public about homeopathy, and provides homeopaths with specialized education.
  • A Homoeopathic Informatics Cyber Center - Resource about Homeopathy, with FAQs, essays, and information about disease management and disease conditions in plain English.

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