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  • Academy for Healing Arts - Offering structured classes in Crystal and Gemstone Therapy, Reiki, The Melchizedek Method, and Magnified Healing. Offers Private energy sessions, Crystal Healing Workshops, and Crystal Sales.
  • Accredited Alternative Health Courses - Offers home study programs in becoming a Holistic Health Practitioner, Nutritional Consultant, and Master Herbalist.
  • All that Matters - This wellness collaborative offers weekly classes in Wakefield, RI.
  • Alternative Medicine: Christ Mind - Buddha Body - Dr. Philip Petersen, certified Kalos Health Facilitator, offers this free tutorial in Kinesiology. Disclaimer note: It is not wise to use Kinesiology as a substitute for a doctor's recommendation.
  • The Alternative Medicine College of Canada - Offers accredited correspondence training in homeopathy, holistic medicine, and naturopathy.
  • American College for Advancement in Medicine - Educates physicians on the emerging procedures and findings in alternative and complementary medicine. It places special emphasis on the use of nutritional / preventative medicine. Located in Laguna Hills, CA.
  • American Holistic Medical Association - Offers holistic medicine courses.
  • Australasian College of Health Sciences USA - Based in Portland, Oregon. Aromtherapy, herbs, holistic, homeopathy, iridology, naturopathy, and nutritional supplements.
  • Can Am College - Home study correspondence courses in alternative health, holistic sciences, nutrition, counseling, fitness, beauty, and stress sports.
  • Capital University of Integrative Medicine - This licensed, resident institution of higher education, located in Washington D.C., offers a Masters of integrative health science and a Doctorate of integrative medicine.
  • The Center for Creative Being - Offers workshops, classes, and private sessions covering topics in alternative health.
  • The Center for Holistic Arts - Located in New York. Offers courses in Tai Chi Chuan, Homeopathy, Kung Fu, Chi Kung, and Polarity Therapy. Also offers distant learning courses.
  • Clayton College of Natural Health - Offering degree programs in naturopathy, naturopathy, nutrition, and holistic lifestyle. Located in Birmingham, AL.
  • College of Maharishi Vedic Medicine - The Maharishi University of Management located in Iowa offers undergraduate and graduate academic training programs in Maharishi Vedic Medicine. With 600 studies now published, this is the most comprehensive, ancient, and scientific system of preventative natural medicine.
  • De-Stressing Stress - Offers executive stress mangagement workshops that include full day corporate training. Ideal for achieving a productive and relaxed mentality in our active work environment. Combines NLP hypnosis, cognitive behavioral pschology, neuro-semantics, and other mind sciences.
  • DoveStar Holistic Technology Institute - Licensed by the States of South Carolina, New Hampshire, and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the Institute provides training in many alternative modalities such as massage.
  • Dr. Jay Sandweiss - Offers classes, integrative medicine, articles, radio show, and scheduled events. Located in Ann Arbor, MI.
  • East West Rehabilitation Institute - Dedicated to flawless integration of rehabilitation with Western and Eastern therapies.
  • The Fairfield College of Myopractics and Naturopathic Medicine - College offers advanced teaching in Naturopathic Medicine, in addition to a PhD. Degree in Myopractics and Myology. Places strong emphasis in orthomolecular biochemistry.
  • Farida Sharan's Pure Health - Offers home study and on-site courses in naturopathy, natural physician, master iridologist, master herbalist, and life enhancement. Located in Boulder, CO.
  • FourWinds Acedmy for the Healing Arts and Sciences - The Academy endeavors to define the functional role of the twenty-first century healer. Nurturing professional healers in the art and science of healing.
  • Full Spectrum Healing Arts School - Offers extended workshop training on energy healing, self-transformation, and the mind-body connection. Sandra Barnard, M.A., Director. Located in Pennsylvania.
  • Good Medicine Society - Health of body, mind, and spirit. Correspondence courses in Native American philosophy and Natural Healing. Free newsletter and brochure. (Norfork, AR)
  • Grinberg Method - Provides information on programs for corporate training, the method’s founder, alternative and individual health professionals. The method enhances wellness through body education. Locations worldwide.
  • Hallmark School - School offers correspondence courses in diverse fields of natural medicine. Based in Oklahoma.
  • Holistic And Healing Centre - Greece - Located in the beautiful location of Mani, Greece, the Spirit of Life Centre offers courses in Personal Development, Holistic Living and Health, Energy Healing, Dream Healing Pilgrimages, Meditation,Yoga, Zen and Art, and Walking.
  • Holistic Coaching Institute - This non-profit organization endeavors to serve anyone who wants to practice, coach, learn, and live a self-empowered life through body, spirit, and mind energy balance. Provides On-line recommendations and articles. Based in Ohio.
  • Holistic Healers Academy - Offers correspondence courses in natural and holistic modalities that lead to earning a Holistic Health Practitioner certification (HHP). Emphasis is placed on energy healing. Based in Morristown, New Jersey
  • Holistic Health Institute - Government accredited education institution located in Brampton, Ontario offering diploma courses in health and holistic health studies.
  • Holistic Studies, Healing and Research - Infinity Foundation provides innovative programming help in professional, personal and spiritual growth. The Infinity Foundation Practitioners' Network Association provides a holistic health referral service for free! Located in Highland Park, Illinois.
  • Institute for Traditional Medicine - Institute provides therapeutic and education programs that focus on natural healing techniques. Contains extensive databases and resources in PDF format. Based in Portland, Oregon.
  • Institute for Wholistic Education - Non-profit religious and educational organization focuses on applying practical and alternative health spirituality into one’s daily life.
  • International College of Herbal Medicine - This clinically oriented, post-graduate education center serves health professionals and medical herbalists.
  • International College of Vibrational Medicine - College offers correspondence courses in a diverse set of alternative disciplines. All courses are supervised by Certified Holistic Practitioners and qualified tutors with Doctoral Degree's.
  • Kadmon Academy of Human Potential - Offers UK-based trainings and distance learning in psychological therapies, complementary medicine, stress management, in addition to professional therapist development courses.
  • Living Earth School of Natural Therapies - Provides professional and education training in Shiatsu Therapy and Herbalism. Located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Malindi Natural Healing and Teaching Centre - Malindi offers workshops, courses, seminars and private holistic treatments using many natural therapies. Located in West Wales, UK.
  • Luna Home Studies - Diploma Courses in Holistic and Alternative Therapies
  • The Massage and Alternative Medicine Online Course - Contains information on enrollment, courses, affiliates, and prices.
  • Minerva Educational Center - Offers workshops, courses and treatments in complementary and alternative medicine. Includes Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, Flower Essence, Aromatherapy, and Healing Touch Therapies. Located in Honesdale, PA.
  • Natural Healing Institute - Provides distant learning and training in natural healing and various other alternative therapy treatments. Based in Encinitas, CA.
  • Natural Health Consultants Institute - This holistic therapy school integrates personal growth and awareness with cutting edge techniques in body-mind interaction. Located in Montreal, Canada.
  • Natural Health Institutes - Offers diploma packages and home study coursesin nutrition, complementary health, counseling, and herbalism. Located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.
  • Natures Way Herbal Health Institute - Canadian Way Herbal Health Institute provides Certified Programs through Classroom and Correspondence settings. Includes Iridology, Herbalism, Reiki, and Reflexology. Institute is a Nature's Way distributor, although the website may not officially be a part of the distributorship.
  • Northeast Holistic Center, - Center offers a place to study and learn many holistic disciplines. Located in Belleville, New Jersey.
  • Ohio Academy of Holistic Health, Inc. - Located in Xenia, Ohio. Contains info on distance learning diploma courses in Natural Health and Complementary Therapies. Also contains info on Accredited Holistic therapists training.
  • Online Holistic Nursing and Wellness Counseling Certificate Program - Canyon College provides professional RNs and other health practitioners with an online holistic wellness and nursing counseling certificate program.
  • Open International University for Alternative Medicines - International academy for research, conferences, and courses on holistic healing. Offers degree, diploma, and postgraduate classes in a variety of complementary modalities. Located in India.
  • Possibilities Vocational School - Site contains information on workshops, talks, certificate courses, and a calendar of upcoming events. Also provides a school catalog in PDF format. Based in Sagle, Idaho.
  • Program in Integrative Medicine - The University of Arizona offers an Associate Fellowship in Integrative Medicine to physicians wanting to include integrative medicine in their medical practice. The fellowship is a two-year distributed learning program.
  • Progressive Kinesiology Courses - Courses cover all aspects related to physical, mental, and spiritual balance. Courses are accredited by the Kinesiology Federation (KF) and Association of Natural Medicine (ANM).
  • Riverside Workshops - Offers One-Day Complementary Health Workshops. Entails vocational hypnotherapy training taking place over the period of 6 months. Located in the UK
  • The School of Holistic Therapy - The School of Holistic Therapy in Scotland trains in energy work, healing, counseling, bodywork, shamanism, and massage.
  • Seishindo: Mind-Body Integration Workshops - Workshops on somatic language, body intelligence, holistic health, somatic coaching, and personal development. Locations in Japan, Europe, and the USA.
  • Simcoe Natural Health Clinic and Educational Centre - Canadian Centre offers seminars, certification courses, workshops, and training. Includes an on-site naturopathic doctor. Centre also provides spa services and massage therapy.
  • Southern Springs - Holistic learning center that offers day, weekend, and week-long workshops for inspiring and educational experiences. Located in Tallahassee, FL.
  • University of Wisconsin Health Integrative Medicine - Contains information on staff, resources, and alternative therapy resources.
  • White Cloud Institute - Presents a new understanding of healing through Taoist-based energy medicine. This knowledge is based on both ancient wisdom and modern scientific discoveries in quantum physics.

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