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  • Essential Oils
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  • A1 Aroma - Offers fragrance oils, incense and burners, as well as bodycare products.
  • Absolute Essential - Offers New Zealand made essential oils, bath and beauty products, in addition to rejuvenating skin solutions.
  • Acadia Herbals - Offers herbs and spices, essential oils, organic teas, as well as soaps.
  • Aromaporium - Offers essential, massage, fragrance, and carrier oils. Diffusers and candles available as well.
  • Aromatherapy Bargain Depot - Offers aroma lamps, incense sticks and cones, fragrance and essential oils, in addition to accessories.
  • Aromatherapy Products - Offers essential oils, candles and incense, diffusers, and inhalation beads. Features feng shui products and jewelry.
  • Best in Scents - Provides incense, essential and perfume oils, and diffusers. Features statuary and prayer beads.
  • ClearMagick Aromatherapy - Offers essential and carrier oils and blends, bottles and misters, as well as aroma lamps.
  • Deserving Thyme, Inc. - Offers essential oils, bath and shower gel, skin care products, as well as soap. Features candles and gift bags.
  • Earth Tribe - Offers plant based products featuring single notes and blends, bath and body washes and infusions, in addition to childrens formulas.
  • Empire Bodycare - Specialist in essential oils, body sprays, lip balm, and massage oil, coming from Australia.
  • Escentials Crafts and Fragrances - Offers carrier and fragrance oils, hair and body products, and soaps. Features bottles and jars.
  • Essentially Me - Offers essential oils, moisturizers, lip balms, in addition to gift baskets.
  • Esteban - Offers French fragrances as incense, light bulb rings, vacuum powders, in addition to fragrance oils.
  • Exiscentials Potpourri and Incense - Create your own special potpourri, incense, and sachet blends from natural botanical ingredients. Features pre-mixed blends and accessories as well.
  • Great Marvel - Offers skin elixirs, sachets, and handmade soaps.
  • Greyone - Offers bath and body products, essential and fragrance oils, candles, herbs and resins, in addition to magical charms.
  • Hintner - Offers essential oils, soaps, and skin care products. Features articles as well as a relaxation course.
  • House of Essentials - Offers natural bath salts, soaps, fragrance oils, hand dipped incense sticks, in addition to massage and bath oils.
  • Lab of Flowers - Offers essential and carrier oils, bath and body products, hair and skin care, flower waters, in addition to diffusers.
  • Lark Soaps - Offers essential and massage oils, soaps, lotions, and teas. Features herbal supplements.
  • Lavender Fanatic - Offers essential oils, dried buds, wreaths, pillows, as well as sachets.
  • LeFay - Provides essential oils, incense and burners, bath and body products, as well as candles.
  • Lunaroma - Provides wild-crafted essential oils, perfumes, skin care, gift sets, as well as bulk natural ingredients.
  • Magic Essence - Offers essential and carrier oils, soaps, massage oils, vaporisers, incense and candles, as well as flower water.
  • Magikal Dreams - Offers natural and organic essential oils, skin creams, in addition to bath products.
  • Medicine Flower - Offers pure essential and massage oils, body as well as bath products, lotions, and diffusers.
  • My Oils - Offers essential, carrier, perfume, as well as massage oils and blends.
  • Mystick Scents - Offers essential oils, soaps, spa products, in addition to herbal pillows.
  • The Natural Choice Store - Offers pure essential oils, aromatherapy kits, in addition to diffusers.
  • Nuance Aromatherapy - Offers essential and massage oils, bath in addition to body products, and soaps.
  • Olfactory Corporation - Offers incense, potpourri, scented home decor, sachets, as well as bath beads.
  • Tree Frog Botanicals - Offers essential, carrier, and fragrance oils and whole herbs. Features soap making supplies.
  • Trillium Organics - Offers organic cosmetics, lip balm, body oils, in addition to perfumes.
  • Vitality's - Offers essential and carrier oils, massage blends, diffusers, skin care and bath salts, as well as soy candles. Features usage instructions.

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